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amaze antibacterial nonwovens!
Jan 28, 2016

nuv yIntaHvIS standards improvement enhancement consciousness porgh Damo' ghaH, especially pa' recent DIS, je poQ antibacterial nonwovens malja''e' Sar Segh epidemic rage, ngIm ghur neH, veb requirements je pu'HIch forward antibacterial bang nonwovens Hap 'u', QaQ antimicrobial 'ej antibacterial bang nonwovens development moj QI'yaH-woven wa' tuj topics neH yotlh.
bacterial nen substances inhibit vaj ghor 'ej internal antimicrobial Duy not only ngeD pum fiber 'ach je vegh fibrous internal ngaD, antibacterial 'angbogh Da poH nI' keeping proliferation laH ghaj method physical pagh chemical lo' antibacterial fiber pong Sal yotlh industrial textiles. je unique natural antimicrobial Qap naw' industry attention nonwoven fabrics.
watlh chitosan fiber processing, chenmoH weave fabric mechanism inhibitory Qatlh, pIm modes action chaq pIm yagh, basic mechanism je follows:
wa'DIch, chitosan antimicrobial ghom vaQ-bacterial cell walls, integrity je be Huj, negative Huj, bacteria. ghaH muHIvtaHbogh neutralization reaction SabtaHbogh be 'ej negative Huj ghor QIH nh3 +, choH microbial cell membrane fluidity 'ej bacteriostatic 'angbogh Da chenchoH pagh HoSchoH bacteria until Hegh bacterial chu' permeability,.
chutmeyvam qaStaHvIS puj pey (DaH nobvam sweat), cationic polymer flocculant, jeD ghor bacterial cell, formation soluble membranes jeD polymer, patlh Dumerbe' pe' DoH lup nutrients cells, metabolites, excretion bot Dev bacterial metabolic disorders, bacteriostatic 'angbogh Da chu' chitosan.
DevvIpghach, 'oH potlh HeghDI' chitosan concentration jen yap, bacterial chitinase activity vIQoylaw'mo', mIS je, 'ang qabDaj chitinase prompting chu' vaj 'IqwI', bacteriostatic 'angbogh Da chu', bacterial cell walls, QIH 'oH.
loS watlh chitosan fiber ngaQHa'moHwI'mey role, so as to microorganisms, antimicrobial 'angbogh Da nen inhibit chu' selective Chelation baS tat microbial nen.
chitosan 'utmo' Dujvam antimicrobial, antibacterial, 'ach HurDaq sterilization. tu'lu' law' micro-yagh Human MIQ DIr. ru'Ha' transition ngaD Human microbial ecology, constitute vaj vo' microorganisms ngaD Qaw' microbes HoH, vaj joch Human DIr flora, flora je nItebHa', qaStaHvIS joch bacteria. antimicrobial 'ej antibacterial, nen joch bacteria reproduction 'ej inhibiting 'angbogh Da chitosan.